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The Slap

Popular with: Akathia
Unpopular with: None
Less known by: Gaunt, Oresund, Principalities, Athral Isle
Archtypes, if any: Trickster or Wise Man
Variations, if any: NA

You will have heard, O' Children, of the clever trickster known as Whisper. She was a foreigner, but well travelled, and respected everywhere. One afternoon, she was standing in the marketplace when a stranger stepped up to her and slapped her in the face, but then said, "I beg your pardon. I thought that you were someone else."

This explanation did not satisfy Whisper, so she brought the stranger before the Efendi and demanded compensation.

Whisper soon perceived that the Efendi and the defendant were friends. The latter admitted his guilt, and the Efendi pronounced the sentence: "The settlement for this offense is one dinar, to be paid to the plaintiff. If you do not have a dinar with you, then you may bring it here to the plaintiff at your convenience."

Hearing this sentence, the defendant went on his way. Whisper waited for him to return with the dinar. And she waited. And she waited.

Some time later, Whisper said to the Efendi, "Do I understand correctly that one dinar is sufficient payment for a slap?"

"Yes," answered the Efendi.

Hearing this answer, Whisper slapped the Efendi in the face and said, "You may keep my dinar when the defendant returns with it," then walked away.