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1206 RE-- The Erze Hamlet Uprising

Date: December, 1206 RE
Outcome: Victory for the peasants of Erze Hamlet, repeal of wheat tax.
Parties: Lord Jyakob of Tarsikka and troops, town of Erze Hamlet, members of the Bronze Fang.
Town Commanders: Townspeople1,2
Noble Commanders: Lord Jyakob
Casualties: Townsfolk/Bronze Fang: Unknown
                Lord Jyakob's men: Unknown

The Erze Hamlet Uprising in Tarsikka began with a a series of farmers refusing to pay the increased wheat taxes that were imposed by Lord Jyakob. The lord sent a handful of troops to the town to quash the uprising, but the town rallied around the farmers. The tax on wheat would have driven some in the town to near starvation, and the desperate defenses of the town were bolstered by the appearance of members who called themselves the Bronze Fang, and were there to carry out the spirit of the work of the Copper Serpent. The town of Erze was not without valor though, having one townmember1, organize a strike force that stole the lord's troop's supplies and used them to feed the town for several days while the uprising continued. Another townsperson2, led a fire defense team, saving many local farmers and farms from being slashed and burned to force the town to quickly surrender. The result was that the surrounding lords stepped in with Lord Jyakob and persuaded him to repeal the wheat levy and allow the town to retain their goods for the coming winter. However, this gave way to an increase in the membership of the Bronze Fang, and increased activity in acts of open rebellion.