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1208 RE-- The Revhely Uprising

Date: February 17th, 1208 RE
Outcome: Victory for the Tarsikkan Nobility
Belligerents: Tarsikkan Nobility and People vs. The Bronze Fang
Tarsikkan Commanders: Verdin Setre, Captain Samael Thraxus
Bronze Fang Commanders: Yeni Jennsen, Harold Furl, others, potentially.
Strength: Tarsikkan Nobility: unknown
               Bronze Fang: unknown
Casualties: Tarsikkan Nobility: Negligible.
               Bronze Fang: Severe

Within the last five years, the revolutionary band known as the Bronze Fang has been increasingly active in Tarsikka. The biggest, and worst case of their activity came in February, 1208, in the town of Revhely (Rev-HEL-lee), one of the very few harbors in Tarsikka. It is a well known fact that Tarsikka faces constant threat from the Shadow creatures and were-creatures that patrol the land and the power of the nobility is in part thanks to the great strides they make in fighting against these creatures and protecting the commoners from these threats. The symbol of this protection and power is seen physically in the mineral silver. The Bronze Fang, being well aware of this fact, decided to strike a trade ship containing quantities of silver ore, coins and weaponry in an attempt to trade those weapons for tax leniency, greater power for the commoners and a more democratic form of governing. However, the response by the nobility was much stronger and harsher than any member of the Bronze Fang could have expected.

The members of the Bronze Fang struck the ship, The Baron's Black Moustache, swiftly and effeciently in the early hours of the morning, when most of the sailors were busily working to purge themselves of the night's activities by sleeping as deeply as possible. The Bronze Fang boarded the ship, lifted anchor and sailed in to the harbor, along with other ships manned by members of the Bronze Fang. After stealing the ships, they sent members of the crew of the ship back to present their demands to the nobility. The nobility quickly mobilized their forces and sent them en masse to the harbor. The nobility sent a messenger back responding that acts of treason would not be tolerated and all traitors must be harshly punished. Upon receiving this message, the Bronze Fang opened fire at the troops on the dock, and so started the battle that became known as The Revhely Uprising.

What the Bronze Fang was not aware of was the fact that many of the peasants did not support their actions, seeing them as threats that were on the side of the Shadow. The stealing of the silver weapons and plundering of the treasury of the lords who spent their efforts protecting the lands was seen as an affront by many who felt loyalty to the nobility. The plans of the Bronze Fang were leaked by a loyal commoner1, and told to the lands following the Bronze Fang's attack. As such, the Bronze Fang quickly found themselves engaging other ships in the harbor and facing intense ship to ship combat.

The Bronze Fang scored some early victories in the battle, thanks to some incredible ballista aim by their artillery captain2. The Bronze Fang facing hand-to-hand combat fared less well, though thanks to the swords and magics of a pair of swordsmen3,4, their ritualist companion5, and attendant homunculus6 the Bronze Fang was not overrun completely. However, the tides of the battle soon shifted in the favor of the nobility, once the army of homunculi, led by Commander Verdin Setre, swept aboard the Baron's Black Moustache. They set fire to the ship's sails, and planted alchemical concoctions that lit the ship aflame and could not be extinguished. Some of the loyal homunculi distinguished themselves in battle as well, in particular, one6 who managed to dispatch the Bronze Fang's primary recruitment Officer, Harold Furl. Another homunculus, called Anton, which belonged to house Korzha, defeated the Bronze Fang's spymaster, Yeni Jenssen, in a pitched battle atop the decks of the Baron's Black Moustache. One of the other ships was brutally assaulted by a Militia Captian, Samael Thraxus, and captured in fair condition, the only boat that escaped the battle unscathed.

Though the battle was bloody with substantial losses on both sides, the Bronze Fang could ill afford the loss of so many men and women, and were forced to hastily treat from the battle. This severely weakened the cause of the Bronze Fang, and the remaining members were chased across the lands of Tarsikka. Many have now fled to the relative safety of Athral Isle in hopes of starting anew.