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1202 RE-- The Publishing of On the Light of Heaven

Date: 1202 RE
Outcome: Destruction of most copies, arrest of publishers
Parties: Miquar the scribe and The Enlightened Word vs. The Redwood Throne.

This controversial treatise was penned some years before its official publication by a scholar known only as Q. M.. This document was heretical in the eyes of the Redwood Throne for many reasons, not the least of which is the stance that kingship is not a sign of holy favor. The book detailed 100 precepts towards understanding the nature of Heaven and living a righteous life. It circulated for years from scholar to mysery cult about the Principalities.

A scribe named Miquar and a group of compatriots1,2 received a copy and set about reproducing and circulating it in the Free City of the Hulder. Calling themselves the Enlightened Word, this group had notions of expanding forbidden knowledge. There is no clear accounting of the number of the copies published, but the Redwood Throne's response was swift. The Patriarch denounced the book and demanded all copies be destroyed. Miquar was caught trying to flee to Athral Isle by Alexei Markhov, a Priest of the Redwood Throne, with several copies on his person. Miquar was executed publicly and all those who worked with him to publish the book were imprisoned, with exception of his aforementioned compatriots.

Anyone found distributing the book could face imprisonment or death depending on the circumstances. Members of the Enlightened Word scattered and divested themselves of the book to avoid punishment. To this day, no more than 10 copies are said to exist in the world.

On occasion, a copy of the book will mysteriously appear among the possessions of political opponents of the Redwood Throne, and be used as justification for their arrest in places like the Principalities. Because of their traveling and trading, Tharici caravans have come under particular suspicion for spreading illicit copies of On the Light of Heaven. So far they have managed to conceal their activities, if indeed there is any truth to the accusations. Most recently, a caravan was raided under suspicion of thievery and possession of illegal papers. This incident was rumored to be in connection with heretical tracts such as On the Light of Heaven, but no evidence was found.