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Warrior Path

To view just the paths/powers you'd like, click on any of the names to show them. Click on the name again to re-hide the text.

Fifty (50) Character Points


One Hundred (100) Character Points

Brute Warrior, Deft Warrior

One Hundred and Fifty (150) Character Points

Overpowering Warrior, Sturdy Warrior, Strategic Warrior, Agile Warrior

Two Hundred (200) Character Points

Battering Warrior, Oppressive Warrior, Living Wall, Unshakable Warrior, Tactical Warrior, Advantageous Warrior, Swift Warrior, Dexterous Warrior

Three Hundred (300) Character Points

Force of Nature, Dreadnaught, Warlord, Advance Force, Phalanx, Bulwark, Unstoppable Warrior, Iron Soldier, General, Commander, Opportunistic Warrior, Striking Warrior, Windstrider, Blurred Warrior, Bladebound, Shifting Warrior

Four Hundred (400) Character Points

Nightmare, Personified, Squall, Siege Engine, Demolition Expert, Dictator, Tyrant, Special Forces, Covert Ops, Citadel, Fortress, Colossus, Monolith, One Man Army, This Man IS an Island, Mechanized Deathmaker, Murder Machine, Overlord, Supreme Advisor, War Hero, Battlemaster, Sapper, Right Bastard, Storm Blade, Spear of Murder, Cloudleaper, Air Raider, Vision of War, Image of Death, Freedom Fighter, Unmatched Fury, Metaphysical Master, Master of the Body