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Wise-Man Path

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Fifty (50) Character Points


One Hundred (100) Character Points

Patron of the Staff, Patron of the Scroll

One Hundred and Fifty (150) Character Points

Staff of Bones, Staff of Realms, Carved in Bone, Scribed in Blood

Two Hundred (200) Character Points

Covered in Runes, Shielded by Sigils, Hand of the Realms, Guardian of the Realms, Bindings of Bone, Structure of Sigils, Bloodied Contracts, Bleeding Bones

Three Hundred (300) Character Points

Runic Glory, Runic Domination, Armored by Sigils, Coronet of Sigils, Realm Scrivener, Realm Artificer, Champion of the Realms, Steward of the Realms, Armor of Bones, Cage of Bones, Inscribed Fortress, Runed Colossus, Bound by Blood, Oozing Scriptures, Skeletal Sigils, Bloody Skull

Four Hundred (400) Character Points

Runic Exaltation, Runic Ascendancy, Runic Tyranny, Runic Suppression, Encased by Sigils, Comprised by Sigils, Halo of Sigils, Wreath of Sigils, Author of the Realms, Poet of the Realms, Clockwork Realmsmith, Fate Tinkerer, Avatar of the Realms, Reaper of the Realms, Realm Wardens, Realm Protector, Runed Barrier, Servants of Bone, Bone Prison, Vault of Bones, Master of the House, Forgotten City, Beast of Sigils, Denizen of Runic Destruction, Scars of Devotion, Wounded Trust, Seeping Psalms, Exuding Literature, Ritual Knife, Rites of Bone, Spirit Wound, Bloodied Aura